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Round Foundational hand lettering in a typeface

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The classic round foundational hand lettering typeface I learned in art school. Create that perfect card or invite with traditional hand lettering and all the confidence that your letters will be perfect every time.

I want to develop this typeface further by pushing an even more calligraphic style in the lettering. I love the sharpness but roundness in the foundational hand and wished I had studied it in more detail while I had the chance under the calligrapher John Smith (yes, his real name), author of The Art of Calligraphy.

This typeface is now available in the Monotype library, replacing the older version that is no longer available.

About this font family

Round Foundational is a beautifully drawn hand lettering font made digital and captured in a typeface for anyone to use. It is one of the basic styles of calligraphy that students should learn and is perfect for creating beautiful greetings cards, wedding invitations, certificates and official looking documents.


  • 1 weight based on a four nib width
  • Multi language support
  • Ligatures to improve style
  • Capital spacing to help create original look
  • Alternative characters that allow customisation

To be able to access alternative fonts, make sure the software you use can support opentype features such as Microsoft Word, Paint, Adobe, Corel draw, Cricut and other applications.

Designed and published by Andy Peat.

Initially released August 2022

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The classic font weight for round foundational calligraphy

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Round Foundational hand lettering in a typeface

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